Our best practices of testing for quality assuring.

Our QAS area, Quality Assurance Studio, is the guardian of quality. Here, we apply the quality practices to ensure a software’s good functioning, whether it is under development or in maintenance stage.


Functional tests allow to find software flaws by simulating production scenarios, testing, for example, the behavior, interface and the function of the applications.


  • Traditional
  • Automated tests
  • Mobile tests


Here, one of our responsibilities is to ensure the planned execution by the UX Designer, validating and applying quality techniques that prioritize the good experience of each and every end user, including the visually impaired, hearing impaired and those with low mobility, by applying A/B tests and tests of accessibility.


  • Web & Mobile User Experience
  • Multibrowser


We analyse the capacity and the performance to understand how the software behaves in terms of stability, responsiveness and scalability when submitted to a load larger than predicted. For example, we can test if the software supports a great volume of transactions executed by clients, the navigation time between pages, evaluating the response time, among other possibilities.


  • Load & Stress
  • Monitoring & Performance

Test a lot more with much more quality

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