intelligent solutions in SAP to manage high performance businesses


Financial Operations

Optimization of core financial operations to capture new growth opportunities. Allows the integration of critical financial and accounting processes, facilitating expenses and resources management, as well as generation of intelligent financial reports. Areas of expertise include:

  • Fixed Assets
  • Accounting Closing
  • Financial Operations
  • Cash Flow
  • Bank Conciliation
  • Payables and Receivables
  • Credit Management and Administration
  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Market Risk Analysis

Sales and Supply Chains

Management of supply chains and sales with qualified information to optimally perform the tasks of each of the areas involved. Guarantees the efficiency of operational flows and brings sustainable competitive advantages. Our solutions offer as benefits:

  • Integration of involved areas in an automated ways
  • Real-time updating of information
  • Identification of process offenders
  • Increased efficiency and costs reduction

Product and Project Management

PLM solutions – Product Lifecycle Management – to meet market needs quickly and with quality. Integrate processes from the conception of a product or service to after-sales support. Developed on top of methodologies and process including:

  • Project and Engineering Management
  • EAM – Enterprise Asset Management
  • ETO – Engineering to Order


  • Reduced time to product launch
  • Productivity gains in engineering
  • Non-compliance reduction and quality improvements
  • Compliance with specific legal requirements in asset management


Our fiscal solutions bring efficiency and compliance with the complex obligations of Brazilian Tax System. Provide access to all necessary information in a clear and objective way through management cockpits, reports and dashboards. Among the several areas covered by our solutions, we highlight:

  • ECF
  • ECD
  • IRPJ and CSLL Appraisal
  • PIS/COFINS Appraisal
  • CIAP
  • Assets as Guaranties
  • Bloco K
  • E-Social
  • NFe – Input and Output – With or Without GRC
  • NFe - Services
  • Tax Localization – TAXBRJ and TAXBRA


  • Optimization of processes for issuing and receiving tax documents
  • Improvement and automation in communication processes
  • Consistency of information from a single database
  • Reduction of corporate risks

Corporate and Management Consolidation

Support for business consolidation processes, mergers & acquisitions, complying with Brazilian and international accounting standards. Allows the preparation of financial statements with consolidated views, by company or by business unit – for due diligence, operational processes, governance and strategic planning.

Budget Planning

Allows understanding the reality of companies and businesses, trends and opportunities, establishing future references. Adaptive action models are used to achieve expected results and predefined objectives by the company. Data and actions are synchronized in a dynamic system to create viable plans, based on practical planning processes and assured continuity, with feedback of results and solutions.

Applied Analysis

Preconfigured, fast-running solutions, built on our experience with deployments at large enterprises across multiple verticals. Areas of expertise include:

  • Cash Management and Cash Flow
  • Asset Management – CAPEX
  • Corporate Development Analysis – Income Statements
  • Expense Management – OPEX
  • People Management
  • Performance Analyses
  • Revenue, Production and Cost Planning

SAP Studio has a team of solution architects and professionals proficient in leading SAP technologies, with more than 500,000 hours of projects delivered. We have a laboratory for emerging technologies, making the most of the latest technological resources.

Scope of Technical Expertise:

  • SAP WorkFlow
  • SAP Enterprise Portal
  • SAP Web Dynpro
  • SAP Process Integrator
  • SAP Process Orchestration
  • SAP Fiori
  • SAP Screen Personas
  • SAP Mobile Platform
  • SAP Enterprise Services
  • SAP Leonardo