Event queue management platform.

We prepare companies for the digitalisation of their products.

With our Event Mesh platform, it is possible to optimize up to 30X the direct and indirect costs of your infrastructure.


It is always a big challenge to integrate systems, different platforms, technologies and protocols. However, this step becomes simple when we use an event-driven tool, that allows asynchronous real-time integrations, generating events at every transaction, making distributed updates possible.


Able to process a high volume of messages among systems distributed daily, the platform assures the realization of all your transactions. Through a dynamic distribution, it allows consumer apps to receive events from any platform or environment (legacy system, private cloud, public and partners).

The timeline below illustrates well the amount of events performed by one single person when going on a plane trip, for example. All activities made, since the search for the place of destination, accomodation, journey and onboarding, are events that need to be broadcasted in real time to the related companies.

  • Service Automation Opportunity
    Event Receiving flight status and other information
  • Customer Retention Opportunity
    Event Requesting a car based on your location
  • Systems Integration Opportunity
    Event Integrating Mobile App with some Legacy Systems
  • Sales Intelligence Opportunity
    Event Implementing a purchase through a cell phone
  • Opportunity to Offer New Experiences
    Event Listening to music online from a large playlist
  • Interests Customization Opportunity
    Event Performing Searches for Hotel and AirlineTicket Prices
  • Real Opportunity to Implement IoT as a Business
    Event Having objects’ exact location and status.

Do you also think that products and services should be able to react to events in real time?

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