by | Sep 7, 2021

The Startups Revolution

The world has transformed, the market has changed and people have altered their mindset. We evolved.

By Alex Granjeiro

To wake up at dawn, face intense traffic, carry out a workday of repetitive tasks between nine and ten hours a day and return home with the certainty that at the end of the month a salary would be guaranteed, along with a supposed work stability, was a sign of professional success. But the world has transformed, the market has changed and people have altered their mindset. We evolved.

Today, the youth no longer seeks a large organization to work in, professional stability or a salary at the end of the month. They look for challenges and quality of life. Organizations have changed. Startups have emerged and brought, in their essence, a disruptive and innovative model, causing a “revolution in the market”. Of course, big companies would not remain static to this movement; they have also decided to innovate and implement corporate accelerators with an environment conducive to creation – the aim is to attract great talents within an environment capable of producing disruptive and scalable products and services.

Spread Tecnologia, a 34-year-old company with more than two thousand employees and more than three hundred clients in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília and Minas Gerais, is an example of how large organizations are capable of transforming themselves and keeping up with market trends. To this end, the company implemented an innovation center: Genova Entrepreneurship, which, with a unique and innovative model of startup acceleration and emphasis on go to market, opened the door for people with out-of-the-box thinking and transforming ideas to develop their projects, using the entire structure, knowledge and relationship with large clients of Spread. The secret of Spread and Genova’s success was to bet on talent, invest and believe in human potential, encourage entrepreneurship and intra-entrepreneurship and form connections between investors, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and the market.

Connecting people, sharing knowledge, creating and innovating are the motto of Genova. Entrepreneurs such as Rui Rosado and Marcel Chapuis are businessmen with decades of experience and corporate practice who have also transformed themselves, set out for entrepreneurship and opened their own startup: IdCel, a geolocation platform that has revolutionized the market and transformed big companies such as IBM, Santander and Spread, as well as investors.

Having a lean start, following the agile and dynamic methodology of startups, doesn’t mean being small; just look at Facebook, Uber and Google. Dreaming big, developing global solutions and staying connected are characteristics of the professional of the future. You can revolutionize the market! Have you ever tried to believe in yourself?


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