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Spreaders: meet Rodrigo Zauza, the first Spread partner with a startup accelerated by Genova

Rodrigo Zauza is the creator of Severino platform, which uses Big Data and Data Science to organize business flow in small and medium companies.

Rodrigo Zauza*

I’ve always been a technology enthusiast. Systems Analyst by training, and testing and automation professional by conviction, I’ve been in the market for more than 25 years, motivated by innovations and challenges imposed by the sector.

To keep developing myself as a professional and to meet my personal need to elaborate and accomplish ideas, I created the Severino startup, a data integration platform that helps small and medium-sized companies to digitally transform themselves.

Using technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, this platform facilitates analysis and monitoring of business flows, for quick decision-making of the company’s management. The solution has a layer of APIs capable of interact with several kinds of systems, opening an infinite universe of possibilities and centralizing, in a single layer of standardized presentation, all business information.

For instance, a law firm that accumulates valuable information in a local database, from years of served and developed processes, may face difficulties in extending operations without a solution that can extract and analyze content in a central repository. In this scenario, Severino offers an alternative that connects to the various information sources and origins in the company – like spreadsheets, many-sized systems, files and electronic documents – and prepares them for new uses, facilitating the creation of applications and user experiences.

In acceleration

My six months on Spread put me in contact with Genova, the company’s entrepreneurship hub, where I discovered the wonderful world of startups. After registering for a lecture to learn more about this subject, I got in touch with Genova Director Alex Granjeiro, who invited me to present my idea in a Genova Pitch. Thus, I became the accelerator’s first example of “intrapreneurship”.

Within the acceleration program, I divided Severino operation into two phases: the first is to integrate the solution with the main IT governance tools, and to focus initially on structured data sources. The second stage is related to the platform expansion with cognitive capabilities, using Artificial Intelligence concepts to generate insights and predictive analyzes, as well as extracting information from unstructured sources, such as text documents, in order to add value to the companies’ business.

For both entrepreneurial and Spreader Rodrigo, the challenge now is to learn to the fullest with the ecosystem created by Genova. Developing a good business plan, absorbing all possible content of mentoring sessions, and giving scalability to my platform are some of the goals set for 2018, in search of expanding my friendly and Brazilian Severino.

* Rodrigo Zauza is a Testing Automation Engineer from Spread Tecnologia

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