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Spread Answers: Who should start Digital Transformation initiatives?

Spread answers questions from clients about technology and business. In this post, who answers is Marcelo Negrini, Director of Digital Transformation

by Mônica Miliatti *

When we talk about innovation, technology is one of the main enabling factors for companies to change their business strategies. With so many new terms, tools and solutions, a lot of questions can come up along the way. Spread Answers is the space where Spread executives and employees respond to client questions, to help readers understand technology challenges

You can submit your questions to In this first post we talk about Digital Transformation.

Who should start Digital Transformation initiatives at companies?

Marcelo Negrini, Spread Director of Digital Transformation – This is a frequently asked question that can be confusing. It is important to explain Digital Transformation can be divided into two fronts: technological transformation, generating digital solutions to enhance or create new business models; and cultural transformation, deeper and more complex, with the adoption of lean, agile ways of working, people empowerment, and thinking about business processes from the clients’, not the company’s, point of view.

Whether it is to enable new business models or change company culture, Digital Transformation is required by the market and clients themselves, who demand new digital experiences and streamlined processes. To meet those requirements, all areas in the company – IT, sales, marketing, and others – work together to create innovative digital products and services, bringing in turn changes in culture, capabilities, and business models, in a continuous improvement process.

* Mônica Miliatti is a journalist at essense, the agency responsible for Spread’s content strategy


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