by | Sep 7, 2021

Agile Model: leaders need to learn how to deal with error

Agile culture, freedom to experiment and space for taking risks are requirements of the new business environment

by Mônica Miliatti*

Digital Transformation requires companies to make lots of structural changes in their business and culture. One of them is the adoption of the concept of Agile, born of a collaborative software development methodology that has grown beyond its technology roots, influencing the very way of doing business. IDC predicts that, by 2019, 70% of IT organizations will bring their cultures closer to  startup-like environments, adopting agile practices and principles of open innovation.

Cezar Taurion, consultant and founder of Kick Venture, emphasizes that Digital Transformation increases competition and the need for a culture based on Agile principles. One of the premises of that culture is the freedom to experiment through trial and error – which requires a change in perception about the negative consequences of making mistakes.

Companies that do not make room for employees to make mistakes will be left behind. “There is no more room for pointing fingers in the corporate world,” says Taurion. Making mistakes is sound business practice in the Agile Age.

* Mônica Miliatti is a journalist at essense, the agency responsible for Spread’s content strategy.


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